Tower UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

Designed to protect sensitive equipment from adverse electrical conditions, a Tower UPS utilizes a small form factor design.  This smaller size makes them perfect of desktop or floor mounting applications where space is constrained.  These systems are rugged in design and designed for easy maintenance such as easy access for replacement batteries.  Other mounting options such as rack, wall mount, and cabinet installations are also available.

Tower Uninterruptible Power Supply Types Offered

STANDBY UPS – Is a cost-effective UPS that provides basic battery backup and surge protection that will reduce equipment downtime during power disruption events. Standby UPS is most commonly used to protect single workstations, ATM/Kiosk, IP telephony, and POS terminals.

LINE INTERACTIVE UPS – This midrange protection adds Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) feature to the Standby UPS topology. Line Interactive UPS are most commonly used to protect servers, small network systems, IP telephony, POS terminals, and POE equipment.

DOUBLE CONVERSION UPS – Online UPS, also known as double conversion technology.  This UPS  topology first converts AC utility power into DC power, then converts back into AC power. Online UPS are most commonly used to protect mission-critical applications including critical servers, phone systems, medical devices, and equipment requiring long battery runtimes.

ISOLATED ONLINE UPS – Isolated Online UPS, also known as Power Conditioned Online UPS or Laboratory Grade UPS.  This premium technology adds galvanic isolation transformer to the online UPS topology providing protection from common mode noise. Isolated Online UPS are used to provide the cleanest power in difficult applications such as industrial environments, laboratories, retail, and any installation with grounding or noise issues.

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