Eaton 93PM UPS 20-400kVA

Eaton 93PM UPS

The Eaton 93PM UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is the perfect critical power backup solution, combining a full suite of accessories, including lithium-ion battery technology. Whether for a large data center, a medical facility, educational institutions, and many other applications, the flexibility provided by the 93PM UPS offering meets any critical power backup requirements.

Customers can combine the 93PM UPS efficiency, reliability and scalability with the latest energy storage technology, lithium-ion batteries, to achieve a low maintenance ten-year solution. The Eaton 93PM is the perfect three-phase white or grey space solution.

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Product description

Eaton 93PM UPS 20-400kVA

The Eaton 93PM UPS is a true online, continuous-duty, transformerless, double-conversion, solid-state, three-phase system, providing conditioned and uninterruptible AC power to protect the customer’s load from power failures.

The Eaton 93PM UPS online power protection system is used to prevent loss of valuable electronic information, minimize equipment downtime, and minimize the adverse effect on production equipment due to unexpected power problems.

The Eaton 93PM UPS continually monitors incoming electrical power and removes the surges, spikes, sags, and other irregularities that are inherent in commercial utility power. Working with a building’s electrical system, the UPS system supplies clean, consistent power that sensitive electronic equipment requires for
reliable operation. During brownouts, blackouts, and other power interruptions, batteries provide emergency power to safeguard operation.

The Eaton 93PM UPS is available with up to (10) Uninterruptible Power Modules (UPMs) integrated in one cabinet. Each UPM is rated for a maximum of 50 kW. The system maximum rating is 200 kW per UPS frame. To deliver greater reliability, UPS with two or more UPMs can provide N+1 redundancy  Should one UPM become unavailable or require servicing, the remaining UPM supplies the load instead of transferring to bypass.

The UPS is housed in a single free-standing cabinet, with safety shields behind the door for hazardous voltage protection. Power wiring is installed through the bottom of the cabinet with an optional sidecar available for top entry wiring.


The Eaton® 93PM UPS combines high efficiency and reliabilitywith an eye-catching design. A space-saving, scalable and flexible device that’s as easy to deploy as it is to manage; it’s the perfect three-phase white or grey space solution for today’s data center.

Lowest TCO (total cost of ownership

  • Conserve valuable data center floor space with the compact footprint and optional maintenance bypass
  • Grow effortlessly with vertical scalability, reducing cost and  unexpected future growth risks
  • Reduce power and cooling OPEX through industry-leading energy efficiency
    • Up to 98.5 percent efficiency with Energy Saver System (ESS)
    • Up to 95 percent efficiency in double-conversion mode

Easy deployment

  • Provides flexible configurability
  • Includes swappable technology to scale in minutes and minimize downtime

Easy management

  • Track statistics on energy savings, battery time and outages
  • Profile your load and much more with the friendly graphical LCD touchscreen interface
  • View system status from a distance with the green/yellow/red LED light bars

Advanced IT integration

  • Supports optional communication cards that allow remote access via the HTTP(S), SNMP, MODBUS TCP/IP, Modbus RTU and BACnet IP protcols
  • Manage your power devices in your physical or virtual environment with Eaton’s Power Xpert® software and Intelligent Power™ Software Suite
  • Increase uptime through 24×7 remote monitoring and reporting capabilities using Eaton’s PredictPulse™ service that alerts technicians during critical events and results in faster resolutions when a problem is detected
Double Conversion Online UPS

Double Conversion Technology

Double Conversion Topology

The Eaton 93PM uninterruptible power supply uses the Double Conversion Online UPS topology.  This  provides the ultimate in clean and stable electrical power for critical applications.  Incoming AC power is fed to the UPS’ rectifier converting it from AC to DC power. The converted DC power routes to a battery charging circuit and to the inverter for conversion back to AC power. The resulting “double converted” electrical power is pure sine wave output providing near perfect electrical power for connected equipment.

To ensure 7/24 up time the double conversion UPS topology utilizes a static “bypass switch” within its circuity design. If the Eaton 93PM detects a system failure, audible alarms will sound as the bypass switch is engages. This routes power around the failed UPS and ensures critical load power to target equipment.  This very important feature allows for 100% up time for critical equipment during repair.

In the event of total power failure, the UPS will power off the rectifier when the loss of power is detected. The UPS’ internal backup batteries will continue to supply DC power to the inverter. There is no transfer time as the transition to battery power is instantaneous. This feature provides true uninterruptible power to mission critical equipment.

Technical Specifications


Eaton 93PM

Rated Power Capacity (Apparent/Active)


Voltage/frequency range

480V, 415V, 400V, 380V, 220V, 208V
50/60 Hz

Efficiency (Maximum%)

Up to 97% in double conversion: Up to 99% in Energy Saver System

Max charging (adjustable)

16.5 A maximum per 50 kW module at full load at nominal input voltage
ABM® or float technology

Battery Module

VRLA, AGM, Gel, Wet, Lithium, Flywheel, Super Caps

Maximum Capacity


Operating Temperature

5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F) without derating. The recommended operating temperature is 25°C (77°F

Operating Elevation

Maximum 1500m (5000 ft) at 40°C without derating

Acoustic Noise

100 kW at 100% load – 65 dBA at a 1m distance, per ISO 7779


(1) RS-232, (1) relay contact, (1) REPO, (2) environmental input
COMMUNICATION SLOTS (2) X-Slot communication bays


1-year parts, 90 days onsite labor from startup