2kVA Tower Online UPS 120V Double Conversion

T91 2kVA Tower Online UPS

The T91 tower UPS provides double conversion online power for light industrial applications.  Perfect for point of sale, servers, voice & data networks, and laboratories.  T91 features “unity” output power factor to support up to 43% more critical loads than the typical UPSs.

  • The Double Conversion Online technology, protects attached critical equipment by providing stabilization and power conditioning to incoming electrical power.
  • Peace of mind by protection for critical equipment from daily incoming electrical surges up to 800 Joules.
  • Purchase with confidence!  The T91 2kVA Tower Online UPS is backed by an industry leading 3-year product warranty and a $50,000 Load Protection Policy.
  • For product questions or quotations please contact us via Chat, Phone or email at sales@republicpowersystems.com 
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Product description

Features of the T91 2kVA Tower Online UPS include:

The T91 2kva Tower Online UPS that provides “Unity” power factor.  The UPS provides high density online power protection for critical load during power failure.

Extended battery runtimes are available from the T91 by adding up to seven matching battery packs. The T91 UPSs’ battery charger can be programmed to provide up to 8 amps of recharge current.  This feature insures batteries are recharged quickly and prepared for the next utility outage.

  • POWER CAPACITY: 2kVA / 2000 VA / 1930 Watts                                           CLICK HERE TO CALCULATE YOUR BACKUP POWER REQUIREMENTS 
  • INPUT VOLTAGE: Single Phase 55-150VAC, 50/60Hz auto-sensing. 6ft. line cord L5-20P
  • RUN TIMES: 6.4min. @ 100% full load, 18min. @ 50%
  • OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 120VAC nominal (100/110/115/127 delectable)
  • OUTPUT WAVEFORM: Pure sine wave, zero transfer time
  • OUTPUT OUTLETS: (1) L5-20R + (8) 5-20R
  • UPS TOPOLOGY: Double Conversion Online
  • MOUNTING OPTIONS: Tower, or wall mount options
  • SCALABLE: Extended battery run-times with optional matching battery modules
  • EFFICIENCY: Up to 98% ECO Mode and 92% online mode
  • COMMUNICATIONS INTERFACE: RS-232, USB, EPO, intelligent slot for an optional management card (Web/SNMP, Relay/dry contact, Modbus)
  • WARRANTY: 3 years electronics, 3 years battery warranty, optional 5 year warranty available (USA and Canada)
  • OPTIONS: Extended warranty, bypass distribution (XBDM), power distribution (XPDU)

Benefits of the T91  UPS:

Reduce power consumption and increase end to end efficiency with this powerful single-phase uninterruptible power supply.  Designed for high density critical loads, the T91 2000VA Tower Online UPS delivers industry leading reliability, efficiency and flexibility.  Output voltage and frequency are programmable to meet a wide range of US and international requirements.  T91 2kVA tower UPS includes a high capacity internal battery charger for quick charging of external battery packs.

UNITY OUTPUT POWER FACTOR: T91 provides industry highest real power rating

EXTENDED BATTERY PACKS: Optional matching battery cabinets available for increased battery backup time.Tower UPS

CHARGING CURRENT 2A to 8A, adjustable from LCD display Fast Recharge—up to 95% in just 3 hours

FAST RECHARGE: Up to 95% in just 3 hours

GENERATOR COMPATIBILITY: Wide input voltage and frequency windows allow reliable generator compatibility

MULTIPLE COMMUNICATIONS CAPABILITY: RS-232, USB, and optional Web/SNMP, Relay/dry contact and Modbus cards

LOAD SHEDDING CAPABILITIES: Maximize up time for critical loads and equipment by shedding less critical loads

EMERGENCY POWER OFF: Allows for compliance with the highest of application safety standards

$50,000 LOAD PROTECTION POLICY: Protection against damaged connected equipment

Power Protection provided by the T91 UPS:

  • Power conditions such as electrical surges and sags
  • Total loss of electrical power or hard power “re-boots”
  • Unstable incoming power caused from outdated or faulty electrical wiring and or power distribution equipment
  • Harmonic interference from neighboring “high power draw” equipment
  • Severe weather events such as lighting storms, ice and snow storms and downed power lines
  • Unstable power generation from local utilities or on-site generation

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Wide Power Input

The T91 2kVA Tower Online UPS supports incoming wide AC power input. The automatic voltage regulator (AVR), protects the UPS and connected equipment from adverse voltage conditions. This wide AC input capability can offer sag and surge protection without engaging the backup batteries of the UPS. This will reduce the stress on connected critical equipment and extends the battery life of the UPS.

Double Conversion Topology

Double Conversion Technology

Double Conversion Technology

The T91 UPS offers double conversion on-line UPS topology that provides completely isolated, clean, uninterrupted single- phase power to your critical systems, while maintaining the batteries for their maximum potential. In the event that the power failure lasts longer than the UPS backup time, the UPS will shut down avoiding battery damage. When the input AC voltage returns, the UPS will automatically return online to recharge the batteries.As shown in block diagram:

• An input filter reduces transients on the incoming utility.
• To maintain full battery charge, the AC input power is rectified and regulated in the rectifier feeding power
to the battery converter and inverter.
• DC power is converted to AC in the inverter, passing it on to the load.
• Power is maintained from the battery during a power failure.
• The converter increases voltage appropriately for the inverter.

Technical Specifications



Rated Power Capacity (Apparent/Active)

2000VA (1930W)

Voltage Range


Frequency Range

50/60Hz auto sensing

Rated Voltage (Output)

120VAC nominal (100/110/115/127VAC selectable)***

Wave Form Type

Pure sine wave, zero transfer time

Rated Frequency

50/60Hz auto sensing ≤ 1%

Efficiency (Maximum%)

98% ECO mode, 90% online mode

Overload Capacity

125% for 1 min, 150% for 10 sec

Battery Type

(6) 12V9AH

Typical Recharge Time (100%)

3 hours to 95% for internal battery with 2A charge current

Unit Size (HxWxD)

7.4 x 16.5 x 12.5 in

Unit Weight

63 lbs

Cord Length

6ft, C19 to L5-20P

Output Connection

(1) L5-20R + (8) 5-20

Operating Temperature

32–104°F (0–40°C)

Acoustic Noise

< 50 dB with fan speed control

Operating Elevation

11,500 ft above sea level


UL1778 (cTUVus)


RS-232, USB, EPO, intelligent slot for optional cards (Web/SNMP, Relay/dry contact, Modbus)

External Battery Module


External Battery Module Size (HxWxD)

17.2 x 24.6 x 3.5 in

External Battery Module Weight

104.4 lbs


3 years battery warranty (USA and Canada)
3 years electronics

Whats in the box

USB cable
User Manual x1
ViewPower monitoring software CD

Available Options

Bypass Distribution (XBDM)
Extended warranty
Power Distribution (XPDU)

Weight63.0 lbs
Dimensions16.5 × 7.4 × 12.5 in

Estimated Run-Time

Battery Run Time Graph