Custom projects start with a Republic Power Systems sales person gathering data on the opportunity from the customer.  This information will then be reviewed by our engineering team who will evaluate the data to determine if the project is achievable.  If approved, rough order of magnitude (ROM) costing, as well as an estimated timeline, are provided for review by the customer.  Upon engagement, a written Scope of Work will be drafted and agreed to by both parties before moving forward with a project.

Customization is at a higher cost and greater lead times compared to the standard “off the shelf” product.  These cost increases come from low volume manufacturing costing as well as initial Non-Reoccurring Engineering fees (NRE).  Custom projects generally require a minimum order quantity to make them cost-effective.

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Mechanical customization includes:

OEM Branding – Custom colors and or Logo

Republic Power Systems can provide UPS power products with custom finishes. Utilizing either FED-STD or Pantone color identification number a UPS can be painted to match existing equipment.  Likewise, customer logos and or additional indicators can be silk-screened, or labels can be applied.  The RPS engineering team can work with your “vector” based artwork, and Pantone colors can provide a custom solution as per customer requirements.

Dimensional form factor changes

Customers may require something dimensionally different than the standard product offerings.  These changes could be anything from a shorter rack depth requirement, a different “U” height or a completely custom enclosure intended for a specific customer application.  RPS engineering can work with a customer to move from concept to reality.


When additional ruggedization of a UPS product is required,  many UPS platforms can be adapted to meet many harsh environmental requirements for industrial and military applications.  From the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum or enhancing overall enclosure construction to support higher than normal shock and or vibration events, can all be addressed depending on the customers’ unique environmental requirements.


Electrical customizations include:

Design and fabrication of custom circuit board layouts

Customers may require alternative ways to communicate with the UPS, have the system provide additional information to or accept or provide different power inputs and or outputs.  With over 90 years of business of designing power products, Sanyo Denki has seen almost every configuration possible and can give a soliton custom tailored for a customers’ application.

Different battery chemistries

With the rapid growth in electric vehicles and alternative power generation new battery concepts and charging circuit technologies are being introduced at a breakneck pace.  Some of these advanced technologies can be carried over for use in UPS products for increased capacity, weight savings, and extended temperature operations.   When appropriate our RPS engineering team can help support different battery types for use into custom design applications.


Along with ruggedization with the mechanical enclosure, the UPS’ internal circuitry must be addressed for use in ruggedizing for industrial or military environments.  Mounting of boards, batteries, as well as enhanced cabling (locking connectors, service loops, and attachment points) are all critical to the design for harsh shock and vibration events.  By selecting discrete components rated for extended temperature operation, a UPS product can be designed to operate in extreme environments when needed.

Testing & Certification

Republic Power Systems engineering team can support projects requiring regulatory and or environmental testing for final certification in the commercial, industrial, medical and military market spaces.  Years of experience working with third-party test labs in gathering needed technical information, the creation of test jigs, and writing the official test plan are critical to passing and certifying a product the first time.

For more information about Customized UPS products, please contact our dedicated sales support team.