GEORGETOWN, TX., Feb 5, 2018 – Republic Power Systems, a new company providing electrical power conditioning and battery backup solutions is set to launch this month.  RPS is poised to fill a gap in the Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) market space for commercial, industrial, medical and military applications.  Partnering with Sanyo Denki, a recognized leader in power products for over 90 years, Republic Power Systems will offer a line up of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) products that are designed and manufactured to the highest quality ISO 9001 standards, are a revision-controlled and while robust in design, remain cost-effective.

As noted by RPS President/CEO Steve Travis:

Over the years working in the military and industrial market spaces I have seen that there is a niche market space between standard “consumer grade” products and fully ruggedized equipment. In such cases, a durable, cost-effective product with the potential for customizations, tailored to the customer’s specific requirements can be a winning combination.

As advances in technology continue to be introduced and integrated into all aspects of life, the UPS will continue to play a critical role in protecting present as well as future electrical equipment.  In fact, the UPS worldwide market is projected to grow CAGR 7.5% between (2017 – 2025).  An Uninterruptable Power Supply protects electrical equipment from damage from power surges, sags, or complete loss of power.  These power condition issues can come from utility, problems with building internal infrastructure or inclement weather as examples.  By isolating critical equipment from utility power, the UPS provides clean, efficient, stable electrical power 7/24.

About the writer: Steve Travis President & CEO of Republic Power systems is a seasoned professional in the military and industrial market spaces.  As a founding partner in Chassis Plans LLC, he has over 20 years of experience understanding the requirements and expectations involved with highly complex projects.  Mr. Travis’ strength is also in his ability to surround himself with like-minded professionals when building a customer-centric business organization such as Republic Power Systems.

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