Commercial UPS ProductsToday’s companies are ever more dependent on microprocessors, computers, programmable logic controllers and other dedicated circuitry and software for commercial business applications.   Just one or two seconds of a power surge or outage may bring your business to a complete standstill for hours or possibly days. Business Week estimates that power surges cost $26 billion a year in lost time, equipment repair and replacement costs.

Roughly 75% of all electrical issues come from within the facility infrastructure itself, examples such as faulty and or outdated wiring and transmission equipment or large and sudden temporary power draw from internal and external heavy equipment.  The remaining 25% of power related issues are from outside factors stemming from local power providers performing grid or capacitor switching or equipment breakdowns and other uncontrollable events such as down power lines, construction mishaps, automobile accidents, and weather events.


  • Banking and Financial
  • Small Data Centers
  • Transportation (Airport/Mass Transit)
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Communications (telecommunications/TV/Radio)


  • Correction of power input issues from internal and external sources
  • Continuance of operations during power loss
  • Protection of expensive/critical equipment
  • Prevention of data corruption or loss
  • Cost savings through power efficiency

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