Standby UPS

Standby UPS TopologyStandby UPS protect against AC blackouts, Power Sags & Voltage Surges. The Standby UPS keeps connected equipment connected to commercial power.  In the event of power loss, the UPS’ internal battery will engage supplying electrical power to connected equipment.  This low cost UPS provides basic protection and will reduce equipment downtime. Standby UPS are most commonly used to protect ATM/Kiosk, IP telephony, and POS terminals.

Standby UPS Products Include: XST, J60

Line Interactive UPS

Line Interactive UPS Topology
Line Interactive UPS protect against AC blackouts, Power Sags, Voltage Surges, Brownouts, and Over-Voltage. This mid-range protection adds Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) feature to the Standby UPS topology. Line Interactive UPS are most commonly used to protect servers, small network systems, IP telephony, POS terminals, and POE equipment.

Line Interactive UPS Products Include: S70, V80, P80

Double Conversion Online UPS

Double Conversion Online UPS
Online UPS, also known as double conversion technology, protects against almost all common power problems. This topology isolates connected equipment from commercial power by converting  fAC utility power into DC power, then converts back into pure sine wave AC power. Online UPS are most commonly used to protect mission critical applications including critical servers, phone systems, medical devices, and equipment requiring long battery run times.

Double Conversion Online UPS Products Include: P90, P90G, P90L, P91, T90, T91M90S

Isolated Online UPS

The Isolated Online UPS, also known as Power Conditioned Online UPS or Laboratory Grade UPS, protect against all  common power problems. Utilizing the Double Conversion Online Topology the Isolated Online UPS adds an galvanic isolation transformer to the UPS topology providing the ultimate in power protection.  Isolated Online UPS are used to provide the cleanest power in difficult applications such as industrial environments, laboratories, retail, and any installation with grounding or noise issues.

Isolated Online UPS Products Include: TX90 & TX91