Double Conversion UPS

A Double Conversion UPS provides the ultimate in clean and stable electrical power for critical target loads.  A Double Conversion Online UPS isolates  equipment from the commercial power source. This process stabilizes, conditions line voltage and provides for emergency battery backup power during a power failure event.

Double Conversion Process

  • Incoming AC power from a commercial power source or onsite power generation, is fed to the UPS’ internal rectifier.  The rectifier converts the electrical power from AC to DC power and voltage is regulated.
  • The DC power charges the UPS’s backup battery and feeds power to the inverter for conversion back to AC power.
  • The resulting “double converted” electrical power is pure sine wave output providing near perfect output power for connected equipment.
  • In the event of total power loss, the UPS’ internal backup batteries will take over power supply to the inverter. There is no transfer time as the transition to battery power is instantaneous.

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