The FERRUPS Shipboard UPS – Uninterruptible Power Conditioning System (UPCS) is specifically designed to support marine applications.  After extensive development and testing, the FERRUPS performs reliably in the severe electrical and harsh environment of marine/military environments.  Consisting of Shipboard Environmentally adapted Commercial off the shelf (SEACOTS) components, the FERRUPS Marine UPS also meets TAA Compliant standards.

  • Capacities ranging from 3.1kVA to 18kVA
  • Power Input/Output 120 & 208/240V options
  • Meets performance standards for installations for naval applications
  • Tested to MIL-S-901 and MIL-S-167-1
  • Delivers power protection with ferroresonant technology
  • Converts unstable AC power to clean computer-grade power
  • Extended backup battery run-times with external battery cabinet
  • Monitoring of internal logic board, batteries, and other critical components at scheduled intervals for reliable performance
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Product description

Features of the FERRUPS Military UPS:

The FERRUPS Shipboard UPS essentially performs two main functions. First, it regulates incoming power, conditioning it so that the protected equipment connected to the UPCS always receives computer-grade power. This output power is consistently free from power disturbances that can cripple sensitive electronic equipment.  Second, the FERRUPS Marine UPS provides battery backup power during a power outage. Should a power failure occur, the FERRUPS seamlessly switches to battery power without interruption to the connected equipment. The FERRUPS can be fitted with multiple battery cabinets to increase battery backup times.

  • CAPACITY: 3.1kVA / 5kVA / 18kVA options                           CLICK HERE TO CALCULATE YOUR BACKUP POWER REQUIREMENTS 
  • UPS TOPOLOGY: Galvanicly Isolated Ferroresonant technology
  • VOLTAGE INPUT/OUTPUT: Single Phase, 120V +15%, -20% or Single Phase 208/240V 15%, -20%
  • OUTPUT VOLTAGE THD : 5% or less at rated kW load
  • OVERLOAD CAPACITY: 150% surge and 125% for 10 minutes online, 150% surge and 110% for 10 minutes on inverter.
  • MOUNTING OPTIONS: Tower and rack mount options
  • COMMUNICATIONS INTERFACE: RS-232, with software suite and optional network based management with SNMP adapter
  • TESTING STANDARDS: MIL-S901, MIL-167-1, ANSI/IEEE C62.41 (1980); ANSI/IEEE 62.45 (1987); IEC 801-2, 801-4, 801-5
  • OPTIONS: Step-Down transformer, bypass switch SNMP adapter and addition battery packs

Computer-grade Power Conditioning and Regulation

The FERRUPS Shipboard combines true, no-break regulated and conditioned computer-grade power with galvanic isolation. As a result, the effects of spikes, sages, surges, switching transients, and noise are eliminated without the addition of a separate power conditioner or isolation transformer. The FERRRUPS converts power from almost any AC source, while its bi-directional filtering protects the ship’s electrical power from electrical noise and harmonics generated by the protected equipment.

Electrically Performance-Tested

The FERRUPS Marine UPS has been electrically performance-tested by the Naval Ship Systems Engineering Station using an un-grounded ship’s power system within a land-based test site (LBTS). The FERRUPS has met the criteria for shipboard installation. The rugged FERRUPS was medium weight shock-tested to MIL-S-901 (three “hits” each on all three axis) for Grade A unrestricted shipboard installation, and tested to MIL-S-167-1 through 50 Hz vibrations for unrestricted shipboard installation. The FERRUPS maintained all operational capabilities throughout the entire test evolution.

Backed by many years of reliable implementations and an unwavering commitment from Eaton to support Navy shipboard applications, the FERRUPS is a proven power protection system. The FERRUPS provides the highest level of design and performance to keep your critical applications running without interruption.

Technical Specifications



Rated Power Capacity (Apparent/Active)

3.1kVA / 5kVA / 18kVA

Voltage Range

120V +15%, -20%
208/240V +15%, -20%

Frequency Range


Surge protection

2000:1 spike attenuation using ANSI/IEEE C62.41 and C62.45 Category A and B tests. Common mode: >120 dB. Normal mode: >60 dB.

Rated Voltage (Output)

120V +15%, 20%
208/240V +15%, 20%

Wave Form Type

Pure sine wave, zero transfer time

Rated Frequency


Overload Capacity

150% surge and 125% for 10 minutes online, 150% surge and 110% for 10 minutes on inverter

Battery Type

Sealed, maintenance-free lead acid

Unit Size (HxWxD)

FE18: 36.5 x 19.0 x 32.0 in. / 930 x 485 x 815 mm
FER3.1: 9.75x16x26.25 (inches)/ 248x406x667(mm)
FER7.0: 19x16x26.25 (inches)/ 483x406x667 (mm)

Unit Weight

FE18kVA: 1362 lb. / 618 kg
FER3.1: 138 lb/63 kg
FER7.0: 330 lb/150 kg

Operating Temperature

0–40°C (32–104°F)**

Acoustic Noise


Operating Elevation

3,050 m (10,000 ft.) maximum


UL, CSA (cUL), FCC Class A


RS-232 serial port (DB-25), plus contact closures

External Battery Module

FE18KVA: 23FE-1295-2 strings of 100 Ah batteries, 10 batteries per string
FER3.1 & FER7.0: 5FE-901-R: 1 string of 75 Ah batteries, 4 batteries per string

External Battery Module Size (HxWxD)

FE18KVA: 5FE-901-R – 10.5 x 19 x 26.5 in. / 268 x 482 x 673 mm
FER3.1 & FER 7.0: 23FE-1295 – 50 x 29 x 32 in. / 1270 x 737 x 813 mm

External Battery Module Weight

FE18KVA: 23FE-1295 – 1910 lb. / 866 kg
FER3.1 & FER7.0: 5FE-901-R – 353 lb. / 160 kg


2 years (USA and Canada)

Available Options

FE18KVA: SNMP Management, Bypass Switch, Step-Down Transformer, Battery Pack
FER3.1 & FER7.0: SNMP Management, Bypass Switch & Battery Pack

Weight47 lbs
Dimensions17.2 × 23.6 × 3.5 in