Three Phase UPS Systems

Three phase UPS systems are perfect for industrial/manufacturing environments when critical power protection is a must.  Power disruption events can wreak havoc on sensitive electrical production equipment.  These issues can result in a shorter operational life, data loss, damage, or destruction of this equipment.  These electrical issues can cost Industrial UPSthousands to millions of dollars to a company without power protections in place.

Many electrical power issues are traced back to the manufacturing facility itself.  Over time buildings electrical infrastructure can become outdated, damaged, or has degraded over time.  By deploying an industrial double conversion UPS, a company can correct power issues on the spot versus troubleshooting electrical power issues that require intrusive and costly repairs.

A three phase uninterruptible power supply generates clean, stabilized power.  Output power ranges from 10kVA to 140kVA for critical applications.  Battery backup times are scalable and are configurable for customer specific requirements.  Three phase UPS systems can be ordered in parallel configurations for scalability as well as redundant configuration options for increased reliability.  Modular, hot-swappable system components allow for repair or upgrades with no disruption to the connected load.


  • Food making industry
  • Water treatment
  • Semiconductor test and manufacture
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • 3D Printers


  • Three Phase Power wide range input
  • Correction of electrical power issues from internal and external sources
  • Continuance of operations during a power disruption
  • Double Conversion Online UPS protection
  • Modular system – Hot Swappable system components
  • Cost savings through power efficiency

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