The A11H is a durable electrical power conditioning, scale-able backup power solution, designed for use for any commercial application.

Today’s companies are ever more dependent on microprocessors, computers, programmable logic controllers and other dedicated circuitry and software for commercial business applications.   Just one or two seconds of a power surge or outage may bring your business to a complete standstill for hours or possibly days. Business Week estimates that power surges cost $26 billion a year in lost time, equipment repair and replacement costs.

The A11H is a power conditioning, scale-able backup power solution suitable for any commercial application.  The A11H is expandable and adaptable.  Additional external batteries can be added either during initial installation or later when more power is required.  The A11H has a maximum potential of 55 minutes of “up-time” drawing 100% of 3kVA of power.


Double Conversion Online

The A11H protects critical equipment by isolating them from the raw incoming utility power. Converting AC power to DC and then back to AC, the electrical output from the UPS is a pure sine wave in both voltage and frequency, providing clean, conditioned, and stable electrical power.

scalable powerScalable Power

With provisions for expandability the A11H can support up to 3kVA of backup electrical power and with additional external battery modules, backup time can be increased depending on system uptime requirements.

Wide Input Range

This feature protects connected equipment from electrical sags and spikes.  The wide range input capability also keeps the UPS from switching to reserve battery power allowing the backup batteries to remain at full charge as well as reducing stress on target equipment and UPS.

Auto Health CheckAuto Health Check

The A11H systematically checks the UPS through the integrated CPU controller.  The system checks status on battery charge, discharge and voltage states as well as internal UPS temperatures.  If anomalies are detected the UPS provides an alert alarm for system maintenance to the end user.

Power Correction Power Correction

Power Factor Correction eliminates distortion and harmonic currents that are harmful to sensitive electrical equipment.   Eliminating this distortion removes the potential for equipment performance issues, increases overall target equipment reliability, and reduces system power consumption.

Reduced EMIReduced EMI

Designed with reduced EMI emissions in mind, the A11H’s internal circuity design was developed utilizing an acoustic anechoic chamber to test and validate the system.  These extra steps ensure the lowest electrical noise possible reducing electrical interference problems to surrounding sensitive equipment.

Leak Proof BatteryLeak Proof Battery

The A11H uses small-sized valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries.  The battery, sealed in a resin tray is double wall sealed helping to protect the UPS as well as equipment around the UPS as well as maintenance personnel.

Thermal ManagementThermal Management

An integrated thermal management system monitors the internal temperature of the A11H.  The system will adjust cooling fan speed rotation depending on thermal requirements.  When not required, cooling fans throttle down, lowering system noise, increasing fan life and lowering power consumption.

Coating ProtectionCoating Protection

Within the A11H UPS, a protective chemical coating is applied to protect electronic circuit boards from harsh environments that may contain moisture and or chemical contaminants. The coating is electrically insulated and provides a barrier to contaminants such as dust, insects, and salt-spray.


SANUPS SOFTWARE is a Web-based automated 7/24 shutdown assistant. When installed on shutdown target computers, your mission-critical equipment can be safely powered down in the event of an extended power loss.  This ensures system up-time, data integrity, and the ability to maintain business continuity. The application shutdown function even shuts down Microsoft office applications as well. Systems administrators will receive remote email notification during power events.

Up to 16 (Optional) heat and humidity sensors can be installed for enhanced environmental monitoring of the UPS systems, equipment racks as well as rooms.


For over 90 years Sanyo Denki has been developing products.  The A11H utilizes top of the line internal components such as capacitors, transformers, and reactors.  These components are assembled under a rigorous ISO9001 quality control procedures.  The result is superior durability and the ability to offer a long-life production platform, all within a small form-factor.



1kVA Tower UPS
CapacityProduct NamePart NumberInputOutputInput Connection
1kVAA11H Online UPS Tower 1000VAA11H102A011USTWP120V120VNEMA5-15P
2kVAA11H Online UPS Tower 2000VA with Extra Run Time (15min)A11H202A011USTWP120V120VNEMA L5-20P
2kVAA11H Online UPS Tower 2000VA with Maximum Run Time (22min)A11H202A111USTWP120V120VNEMA L5-20P
3kVAA11H Online UPS Tower 3000VA with Extra Run Time (11min)A11H302A011USTWP120V120VNEMA L5-30P
3kVAA11H Online UPS Tower 3000VA with Maximum Run Time (19min)A11H302A111USTWP120V120VNEMA L5-30P

Rack Mount

SANUPS 1.5kVA UPS, Sanyo Denki 1.5kVA UPS, 1.5kVA uninterruptible power supply
CapacityProduct NamePart NumberInputOutputInput Connection
1kVAA11H Online UPS Rack 1000VA with Remote switch, AUXA11H102A011USP120V120VNEMA 5-15P
1.5kVAA11H Online UPS Rack 1500VA with Remote switch, AUXA11H152A011USP120V120VNEMA 5-15P
2kVAA11H Online UPS Rack 2000VA with Remote switch, AUXA11H202A011USP120V120VNEMA L5-20P
3kVAA11H Online UPS Rack 3000VA with Remote switch, AUXA11H302A011USP120V120VNEMA L5-20P


CapacityProduct NamePart NumberInputOutputInput Connection
3kVAReceptacle Option Box for A11H3000VA Tower470-1000847
AllAir Filter for E11A and A11HFL001
AllA11H & E11A Rack Support RailRM030-US