Replacement Battery Pack for ASD


To find the right replacement battery pack, please go to a UPS product page that is the same part number with your UPS.

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Product description

Double Leak Proof
SANUPS superior double-sealed battery design prevents short circuits and important data loss.

Technical Specifications



Battery Type

Leak Proof Small-sized valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery

Replacement Battery

Comes as a complete battery assembly, batteries and metal tray housing

Expected Battery Life

5 years

Operating Temperature

0 to 40°C

Operating Humidity

20 to 90%

Operating Elevation

3000 m max.

Battery Module Size

Size (HxWxD) : 106x540x96mm
Weight : 50 kg

Battery Shipping Size

Size (HxWxD) : 400x760x220mm
Weight : 65 kg

Storage information

Elevation : 3000 m max.
Humidity : 30 to 90%
Temperature : -15 to 50°C