Eaton 9155 Marine UPS 8-15kVA UPS

Eaton 9155 Marine UPS

Rugged  power protection, minimum footprint

Eaton Marine uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are specially engineered for shipping environments and applications, built to meet or exceed industry standards.
The UPSs are designed to protect critical onboard functions and processes, such as navigation, communication, bridge equipment, lighting and automation,
as well as provide auxiliary power for engines and safety systems.

  • DNV, BV approved.  ABS design assessed
  • Small footprint saves on valuable floor space
  • IP22 Protection Class
  • Available in 8 kVA, 10 kVA, 12 kVA, and 15 kVA capacities

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Product description

Eaton 9155 Marine UPS

The Eaton 9155 Marine UPS is DNV-GL type approved, BV type approved, and ABS design assessed (up to 15 kVA). With its compact design and internal batteries, this Marine UPS is ideally suited to applications requiring high power density and a small footprint.

The compact design of Eaton 9155 Marine UPS, with internal batteries, saves valuable space in ship and rig installations. The Eaton 9155 Marine UPS (up to 15 kVA) is DNV-GL type approved, BV type approved, ABS design assessed and is easy to install and maintain.

Eaton 9155 Marine is a tested and proven UPS product for shipping environments. It has the industry’s highest availability and reliability, which is achieved with HotSync paralleling technology that enables paralleling of up to four Eaton 9155 Marine UPSs for additional capacity or redundancy. Reliable backup is further enhanced with Advanced Battery Management (ABM) and by using Eaton’s innovative three-stage battery charging system, which significantly extents battery lifetime.

Innovative technology and design make Eaton 9155 Marine UPS a truly sustainable solution, with high system efficiency and power density. By using sustainable materials and highly-efficient manufacturing technology, the UPS provides dramatic savings in its carbon footprint, compared to competitor UPS systems. What’s more, the possibility for an internal transformer or batteries eliminates the need for costly and space-consuming external cabinets and cabling.

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Features of the Eaton 9155 Marine UPS:

Qualified design for marine and offshore environment

• DNV type approved UPS• BV type approved UPS
• ABS design assessed
• Compact design for saving space
• Easy to install, mounting rails offer options to be bolted or welded to the
deck/bulk head
• IP22 protection class
• Vibration absorbers under and at the back of the cabinet
• Maintenance from the front

Premium power performance
• The Eaton 9155 Marine UPS offer the double conversion UPS topology that provides the highest level of protection available by                                                                                                                    isolating the output power from all input anomalies.
• Active power factor correction (PFC) provides 0,99 input power factor and less than 4,5% ITHD, thus eliminating interference                                                                                                                        with other critical equipment in the same network and enhancing compatibility with generators.
• The UPS is optimized for protecting modern 0.9 p.f. rated IT equipment without the need to oversize.

True reliability
• Patented Powerware HotSync® technology makes it possible
to parallel up to four UPSs to increase availability or add
capacity. The technology enables load sharing without any
communication line, thus eliminating single point of failure.
• Internal automatic static bypass switch
• Internal mechanical bypass switch
Extensive configurability
• Configurable to frequency converter operation
(50 to 60Hz and 60 to 50Hz)
• A multilingual graphical LCD display makes possible to monitor
the UPS status easily.
• Wide software and connectivity options provide monitoring,
management and shutdown capabilities over network.

Cost savings and sustainability
• The small footprint of the Eaton 9155 Marine UPS saves valuable space in ship and
rig installations.
• Possibility for internal transformer or batteries eliminate the
need for costly and space-consuming external cabinets.
• A single technical platform used in Eaton´s UPS products
guarantee easy upgrades and similarity in service, thus
lowering total cost of ownership.
• A range of service agreement options can be easily
customized for customers’ needs and budget.
• Eaton uses sustainable materials and highly efficient
manufacturing technology, thus generating dramatic savings
in carbon footprint as compared to competitive UPS systems.

Technical Specifications


Single Phase 10kVA/9kW PN# 9155-10-ST-M
Single Phase 8kVA / 7.2kW PN# 9155-8-ST-M
Three Phase 10kVA/9kW PN# 9155-10-NT-M
Three Phase 12kVA/10.8kW PN# 9155-12-NT-M
Three Phase 15kVA/13.5kW PN# 9155-15-NT-M
Three Phase 8kVA/7.2kW PN# 9155-8-NT-M

Rated Power Capacity (Apparent/Active)

12kVA / 10.8kW
15kVA / 13,5kW
8kVA / 7.2kW
10kVA / 9.0kW

Voltage/frequency range

380, 400, 415 V 50/60 Hz

Efficiency (Maximum%)

92% (without transformer)

Overload Capacity

Low -20% at 100% load/-50% at 50% load without battery discharge; High +10% /max +20%

Battery Module

Maintenance free VRLA batteries

Dimensions & Weight

PN# 9155-10-NT-M 960x313x714 (+150 mm) 170/190 kg
PN# 9155-10-ST-M 960x313x714 (+150 mm) 170/190 kg
PN# 9155-12-NT-M 960x313x714 (+150 mm) 170/190 kg
PN# 9155-15-NT-M 960x313x714 (+150 mm) 170/190 kg
PN# 9155-8-NT-M 960x313x714 (+150 mm) 170/190 kg
PN# 9155-8-ST-M 960x313x714 (+150 mm) 170/190 kg

Output Connections

Terminal block (Hardwired)

Operating Temperature

0 to +40°C (electronics), max. +45ºC with 7.5% derating 15 to +25°C (batteries)

Operating Elevation

< 1000m above sea level at +40°C, max. 2000m with 1% derating per +100m

Acoustic Noise

<56 dBA at 1 meter distance, typical loads <62 dBA for heavy load, high ambient or high altitude, on battery


Approvals CE, DNV Type Approval, ABS Product Design Assessment (Other classification survey reports on request)
EMC: IEC 62040-2, IEC 60945
Product: IEC 62040-3 and EN 62040-3
Safety: IEC 62040-1-1, EN 62040-1-1 and EN 60950


(1) relay contact, (1) REPO, (2) environmental input
(2) X-Slot communication bays

Estimated Run-Time

Battery Run Time Chart: