20kVA Parallel Redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


The Sanyo Denki SANUPS A11J is a 20kVA Parallel Redundant UPS using the double conversion online UPS topology. The A11J UPS supplies 20kVA of clean, stable back up battery power.  This single-phase UPS system supports 208V and 240V power input. The A11J uninterruptible power source features include, power conditioning and filtration, wide AC input power, and high-reliability 7-24 up-time, due to its modular UPS design.  The A11J Online UPS robust design and features make it ideal for applications ranging from commercial, industrial, medical and military applications.

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Product description

20kVA Redundant UPS, 20kVA Parallel UPS, 20kVA Double Conversion Online diagram


The SANUPS A11J-S2 is a 20kVA Parallel Redundant double conversion online UPS.  In a 20kVA Redundant UPS configuration, the system provides enhanced (N+1) redundancy for application requiring the maximum in 7/24 up time.

Offering several industry-unique features, the SANUPS A11J-S2 20kVA Parallel Redundant UPS is ideal electrical power protection for many different types of commercial, industrial, medical, as well as military applications.


  • The SANUPS A11J-S2 utilizes the Double Conversion Online UPS topology
  • Under a 20kVA Parallel Online UPS configuration, the system offers maximum back up battery power capacity
  • When configured under a 20kVA Redundant UPS configuration, the system provides for maximum 7/24 up time offering (N+1) redundancy.
  • A 20kVA Modular UPS design utilizing a maintenance bypass circuit allowing for quick replacement of batteries, inverter, and transformer while the UPS system is on and still providing electrical power.
  • Wide Range AC power input capable
  • Power Correction and Pure Sine Waveform AC output to critical equipment
  • Long life, revision controlled Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product
  • Rugged enhancements such as protective chemical coatings, epoxy bonding of major components, and double sealed batteries

The advanced features and modular design of the SANUPS A11J-S2 make this 20kVA online UPS perfect in protecting critical equipment. Example deployments include manufacturing floors, small data centers, communications, as well as military C4ISR and C5ISR applications.


  • Rolling brownouts (surges and spikes)
  • Blackouts and power re-starts
  • Outdated or failed electrical wiring and or power distribution equipment
  • Severe weather events
  • Unstable power generation from local utilities or on-site generation

This 20kVA UPS utilizes the Double On-Line Power conversion topology.  By isolating critical equipment from the commercial power grid or onsite power generation sources the A11J-S2 20kVA online UPS internally conditions the incoming AC electrical power.  The resulting power output to target equipment is a pure sine wave in both frequency and voltage.   This clean, stable power will ensure the stable and efficient operation as well as protection of the sensitive and expensive critical electrical equipment.

Technical Specifications



Rated Power Capacity (Apparent/Active)

20kVA / 18kW
N+1 15kVA / 13.5kW

Power Consumption

1355 W

Expected Product Life Time

10 years


RS232C, EPO, Output Line Control Port, Remote Port

Acoustic Noise

50 dB max.

Operating Temperature

0 to 40°C

Operating Humidity

20 to 90%

Operating Elevation

3000 m max.

Unit Size (HxWxD)

7.13×28.74×31.61 (435x700x803mm)

Unit Weight

626.0lbs x2(284kg)

Unit Shipping Size (HxWxD)

21.85×37.0x41.54 (555x940x1,055mm)

Unit Shipping Weight



EN62040-2, EN55022 ClassA
FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class A
UL1778, IEC62040-1(CE)

Rated Voltage (Input)

200/208/220/230/240 V (Default : 200 V)

Frequency Range

40 to 120 Hz

Input Connection

I/O Terminal block

Voltage Range

120 to 276 V (70% or less) 180 to 276V (More then 70%)

Input Leak Current

16 mA

Rated Voltage (Output)

200/208/220/230/240 V (Default : 200 V)

Voltage Harmonic Distortion

3% max. (Linear load)
8% max. (Non-linear load)

Rated Frequency

50/60 Hz


True online double conversion

Wave Form Type

Pure sine wave

Output Connection

Herd Wire


Built in

Number Of Phases/Wires

Three-phase 5-wire

Output Voltage Range

±2% max.

Overload Capacity

110% (1 min)
N+1 147% (1 min)

Efficiency (Maximum%)

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Battery Type

Leak Proof Small-sized valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery

Included Battery Packs

8 pcs

Replacement Battery

BPA11J005A00A x4 (Right)
BPA11J005A00B x4 (Left)

Typical Recharge Time (100%)

18 Hours

Expected Battery Life

5 years

Run Time (Load 100%)

5 min
N+1 10 min

External Battery Module

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External Battery Module Size (HxWxD)

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External Battery Module Shipping Size (HxWxD)

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External Battery Module Shipping Weight

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Whats in the box

Instruction Manual x1
LCD Panel Operating Manual x1
Terminal Block Cover x1

Weight694.73 lbs
Dimensions21.85 × 37 × 41.54 in

Estimated Run-Time

Battery Run Time Graph