Line Interactive UPS

A Line Interactive uninterruptible power supply protects against Power Failure, Power Sags, Voltage Surges, Brownouts, and Over-Voltage. This mid-range protection adds Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) feature to the Standby UPS topology. Line Interactive UPS are most commonly used to protect servers, small network systems, IP telephony, POS terminals, and POE equipment.

Line Interactive Process

  • Incoming AC power is regulated and stabilized as it passes through the Automatic Voltage Regular (AVR).  This wide input capability keeps the UPS battery from engaging, extending the performance and life of the UPS itself.
  • During regular operation electrical power routes directly to the spike and surge filter and then to connected equipment.
  • The Control-Alarm Circuits will monitor the battery charge status and will send power to the battery charger when required.
  • The Control/Alarm circuit also monitors incoming line power.  If the power fails, battery backup power is instantaneously engaged.

More information about UPS types can be found here: UPS Topologies

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